What Is A Mother: A Child’s Essay

Mothers come in all sizes, but usually are never older than thirty. They won’t stand for temper tantrums, muddy feet, and loud noises. No matter how old her children are, a mother thinks of them as little babies.

A mother is a walking encyclopedia who knows who Hezekiah’s grandfather was and how old Methuselah was. Also, she knows the scores of all ballgames for the past ten years and memorizes batting averages. She knows where to find the wet sneakers her child tried to hide and can even hear the refrigerator opening when she is in another room. She can also answer the question of why the sun goes down at night.

A mother is a seamstress who makes dresses with only a picture for a pattern, can mend any tear, replace lost buttons, and take up and let down dozens of hems.

A mother is a baker. She bakes cakes and pies but likes her children to eat vegetables. She can bake pizza, too (for midnight snacks), and is questioned if she doesn’t serve Pepsi for breakfast.

A mother is a master mechanic who can get a pants leg out of a bicycle chain without ripping it, fix broken necklaces with tweezers and just about anything with Scotch® tape or a pin.

A mother is a detective who finds the missing mate to every sock. When her scissors disappear, she can rescue them before the culprit pleads guilty.

Every mother knows that being a mom brings more joy and love than any other job in the world. But every mother also knows that being a mother brings fears and sorrow and sometimes heartbreak. It’s all a part of the exhausting but exciting job of motherhood. (Copied)

To all moms: Thank you for the job you do. May the Lord bless you today and each and every day!