“As we draw close to our nation’s national elections on November 3, it seems prudent to me for Christians to get on their faces before God in prayer. Specifically, we need to pray for our national leaders and for the process of selecting them.   

“Leadership is a major factor in everything at all levels of our society. Success or failure is not incidental or accidental. If there is success, someone can always be credited. If there is failure, you can be sure there is a culprit. You cannot expect any organization, including a nation, to rise above its leadership.

“We understand that Christians have a God-given commission to preach the Gospel, win souls, plant churches, and live holy lives. But let there be no misunderstanding about the responsibility we also have to be good citizens. For us to refuse to use our influence in our own day in the world where we live is to be guilty of spiritual malfeasance and moral irresponsibility.   

“I keep hearing well-meaning but, I believe, very unwise folks say things like, ‘It doesn’t matter whether or not I vote’; ‘We will get whoever the Lord wants us to have’; and such like.

“Dear friends, please hear my plea. In America, we vote for leadership. Votes count! The guy with the most votes wins!    

“If you don’t think it matters who wins, try telling that to the dear people who live under tyranny in China, Russia and Cuba. Try singing that tune to Christians who live in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.              

“We had better wake up before we too are living under the duress of tyranny.  

“So, please, let’s fervently pray during these days coming up to November 3. Let’s pray for:         

   “1. A spiritual awakening across our nation that turns the hearts of our citizens back to God.      

   “2. Our churches to put their roots down deeply and give themselves happily and heartedly to their ministries in their towns. 

   “3. Tens of thousands of men to surrender to the call of God to preach and serve Him in ministry.            

   “4. Hundreds of thousands of faithful Christian people to be trained as souls winners.    

   “5. The tide of wickedness to be stemmed all across the land.    

   “6. Christians to go to the polls in record numbers on November 3.         

   “7. Our national leaders (President, Congress and Courts) to respond to the godly influence of Christians in their decision making (whether or not they themselves are Christians).             

“In the 231 years since George Washington took the very first oath of office on April 30, 1789, we have had only a handful of saved, born-again men serve as president. What we have had until the last half century was enough Christians involved in the process that even the unsaved presidents were careful about what they did and did not do.                

“We can have that kind of influence again, but we can’t get it back if we just sit home and complain.       

“Please join with me. Pray with me for our beloved homeland. So much is at stake that affects all of us.

“Let’s pray, pray hard, and pray often! 

“Thank you for hearing my appeal and for however you go about being a part of this call to prayer.”        

   — Copied from Dr. Shelton Smith, The Sword of the Lord, October 16, 2020, Issue          

Pastor’s Note: I am asking folks to pray and fast (if physically able) for a 24-hour period beginning Monday, November 2 at 6:00 PM until Tuesday, November 3 at 6:00 PM. These are suggested times; you can modify them if you wish. The main thing is, let’s get on our faces before God and cry out to Him in prayer!