Bible Text: I Samuel 1:6-18 | Preacher: Walter Stevens When I began to think about this day, about being a missionary and presenting Roma to you this morning, I first thought about that great mother of faith, Hannah. Now, just being a mother is a great honor, and the apostle Paul virtually says this in I Timothy 2:15. You may think Samuel was not a missionary, but I think you'll find the apostle Paul was probably the best example of a missionary and he said to do the work of an evangelist, which is really what a missionary is, and Samuel was that person. He came to Israel when there was great spiritual darkness. Samuel was God's man to stand in the gap and we'll learn about his calling. So where does it all begin, humanly speaking? It all begins with a Godly mother, and today, we will study this missionary mother and see her example and how it may apply to all of us.