The author of the book of Hebrews tells us we have the very assurance that Jesus is superior to anything and everything else, and through His sacrificial death, believers have…
Bible Text: Colossians 3:1-4 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Colossians: Complete in Christ Tonight we begin our study of Colossians Chapter 3 in which the apostle Paul gives us practical applications of the doctrines that he has been teaching. It does little good if Christians declare the truth and defend the truth but fail to demonstrate the truth in their daily lives. These great truths of the Bible are not just to be understood but they're to be applied and lived out. If we share Christ's life, then we must also follow His example, so tonight, we'll be looking at how we should live since we are alive in Christ.
Bible Text: Colossians 2:4-10 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Colossians: Complete in Christ Knowing that there were wolves attacking the church in Colosse, the apostle Paul offered some encouragement and instruction, telling them that, by heeding his admonitions, the Colossians would overcome their enemies. The false teachers were telling the church there that there was more they needed to do, but Paul says, no, everything they need is in Jesus Christ. And today, everything we need is in Christ. We don't need something else. The Lord has given us all things that pertain to life in godliness.

The Power of Acceptance

October 9, 2016
Bible Text: Romans 15:7-13 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace We are quick to divide over non-essentials. Somewhere in America today, some group has decided to start a new church because their current church just isn't doing it right. Our text today closes out Paul's exhaustive message on church unity. Liberty in Christ is the ability to live a life without bondage, to enjoy the rights and privileges with a wonderful relationship with Jesus Christ, and Paul has been telling us how we should behave in light of what we believe.
Bible Text: James 1:2-4 | Preacher: Michael Portwood (The audio equipment failed during the first half of this message, and only the last half is available here.) What does it mean to have hope in the midst of hurting? When you are tested, will you trust in Jesus Christ? Can you rejoice in all circumstances? If you remember nothing else from this message today, remember this. Trials grow our patience, and patience turns us more into the image of Jesus Christ. When you face difficult times, will you place your trust in Him?
Bible Text: Romans 8:18-25 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace We're talking about hope this morning. In the English language, the word "hope" is a rather anemic and vague word, denoting a feeling that something pleasant MAY happen. But the Biblical definition of "hope" is far different and refers to an absolute guarantee. The Greek word used is elpis, meaning to expect or anticipate with pleasure. It's not just a possibility but an actuality. Hope is very much alive thanks to Jesus Christ. In spite of all the problems of today, Christians can and should have hope.