When we get saved, we find a holy tension that happens in our lives. Positionally, we are in the world here on Earth, but spiritually, our hearts should be in…
Our text tonight could well be described as the thesis of the book of Hebrews, which is so important from an apologetic standpoint.  The author of Hebrews wastes no time,…

Wrestling with God

April 2, 2017
This Old Testament story of Jacob wrestling with God has taken on a new and personal significance in my life as I wrestled with God in prayer over the life…
Bible Text: Colossians 3:12-17 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Colossians: Complete in Christ We're looking at Paul's exhortation to the Christian to live a Godly life. In this passage he continues with the thought of garments, putting off the grave clothes of sin and the old life and putting on the grace clothes of the new man and new life in Christ.  Here, Paul gives us four motives that ought to encourage us as we seek to walk in newness of life.
Bible Text: Romans 16:21-27 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace Today we are wrapping up our verse-by-verse study through the book of Romans. This has been an amazing study, and we saw Paul's burden to take the Gospel to those who had never heard it. He spoke about his ministry of the Gospel in his life by the power of the Spirit of God, and in our passage today, we see a number of individuals whom Paul recognized for their faithfulness and service. He reminded us of the grace conferred by the Son of God that is made available to everyone. I hope, if there is some area in your life today that needs to be brought into obedience to God, may today be the day you take care of that.
Bible Text: Colossians 3:1-4 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Colossians: Complete in Christ Tonight we begin our study of Colossians Chapter 3 in which the apostle Paul gives us practical applications of the doctrines that he has been teaching. It does little good if Christians declare the truth and defend the truth but fail to demonstrate the truth in their daily lives. These great truths of the Bible are not just to be understood but they're to be applied and lived out. If we share Christ's life, then we must also follow His example, so tonight, we'll be looking at how we should live since we are alive in Christ.
Bible Text: Colossians 2:4-10 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Colossians: Complete in Christ Knowing that there were wolves attacking the church in Colosse, the apostle Paul offered some encouragement and instruction, telling them that, by heeding his admonitions, the Colossians would overcome their enemies. The false teachers were telling the church there that there was more they needed to do, but Paul says, no, everything they need is in Jesus Christ. And today, everything we need is in Christ. We don't need something else. The Lord has given us all things that pertain to life in godliness.

Can a Christian Do That?

September 18, 2016
Bible Text: Romans 14:1-12 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace I think pretty much everyone agrees with me that the Church of Jesus Christ is made up of individuals at every possible level of spirituality. Some are aware of the freedom and liberty they enjoy in Jesus Christ and they live accordingly, led by the Spirit of God. There are others who live under legalism, operating by a list of dos and don'ts, and sometimes their list is longer than God's list. If that were the end of it, we would have no problem, but those who live on the far end of liberty in Christ are constantly being judged by those on the opposite end of the spectrum who live by a stricter standard, and vice versa. It's been said that one group flouts and one group flaunts; one group is called liberal and compromisers and the other is called legalistic and judgmental. In our text for today, the apostle Paul seeks to strike a balance for believers, and that's what we're looking at today.
Bible Text: Romans 12:17-21 | Preacher: Dr. George A. Mulford | Series: Romans: The Gospel of God's Grace Have you noticed as we've been going through Romans 12, it's all about relationships? Romans 12 starts out talking about our relationship with God. Then, it talks about our relationship to ourselves, that we're not to think more highly of ourselves than we ought.  Then it moves to our relationship  with fellow believers.  And today in our text, the circle is widened to include our relationships with our personal enemies; it's not talking about national defense or even self-defense.  The conclusion is this: We are to treat others the way God has treated us. So today, we see that this requires submission to the indwelling Holy Spirit to respond to wrongs by doing what is right.