January 31, 2016

Winning the War Within Us

Passage: Romans 7:14-25
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I've been the pastor here for almost 25 years, but there's one member of this church who has  given me more trouble than anybody else. I stay angry at him most of the time,  and he just makes me miserable. So this morning I want to identify him and ask him to stand up... but  he's already standing because I'm talking about myself! While I do want to be a great person and a great pastor, sometimes my performance doesn't match my desire. You see, I've got a sin nature that I still struggle with even though I'm a Christian. If you do not, then maybe you've got a secret that the apostle Paul and I have not learned. Our passage today gives us the portrait of a maturing Christian, and if we are honest, I think most of us would say we can identify with everything Paul says here in these verses.