January 24, 2016

Whatever Happened to Sin?

Passage: Romans 7:7-13
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As we go through the book of Romans, we should remember that Paul is developing an argument that develops over several chapters. That's why we need to understand the entire context. In Chapter 7, Paul is talking about the Law. Before a person is saved, it's like they are married to the Law. Remember, Mr. Law is a tough husband. He demands perfection, but he never compliments and he never forgives. When we are saved, we are released from the Law, and we have a wonderful union with Christ that's like a marriage. In today's passage, we learn about Paul's life before he came to know Jesus. He takes us back to a time when the Law ruled everything he did and said and he shares with us what he learned about the Law of God. It isn't pretty, but it's something that every one of us needs to hear.

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