July 2, 2017

What to Do in the Storms of Life

Passage: Mark 4:35-41
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There are some who will tell you to just become a Christian and all of your problems will be over. That's a lie from the pit of Hell. Sometimes I think, when you become a Christian, you have more difficulties. Paul the apostle said, if you live for God, you're going to have trouble. You're going to rub some people the wrong way.  Even today in some parts of the world, you can be put to death for being a believer in Jesus Christ. Yes, God has given us all spiritual blessings in Christ; He has promised to supply all our needs; but suffering in various ways may well be expected to characterize a normal Christian experience. Storms do not necessarily mean that God is angry with you, that He's punishing you, or that you are out of God's will.  So, in our text today, we learn what we can do about the storms of life.