February 14, 2016

Two Kinds and Two Minds

Passage: Romans 8:5-11
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If you could think of the Bible as a mountain range, then the book of Romans would be the Himalayas and Chapter 8 would be Mount Everest, towering over the rest of Scripture, because this chapter gives us the key to living a victorious Christian life. In the first seven chapters of Romans, the Holy Spirit is mentioned only once (Romans 1:4), but in Chapter 8, the Holy Spirit is referred to 19 times. In our text today, Paul explains how our mindset determines our lifestyle, and the key concepts in this chapter are "Two Kinds and Two Minds," two kinds of people and two different minds.  So, if you are struggling in your Christian walk, I challenge you to read Romans Chapter 8 every morning for one month, and at the end of 30 days, see how it has made a difference in your life.