May 20, 2018

The Contract by Abraham

Passage: Genesis 21:22-34
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There are times in life that are difficult to tolerate. There are battles to fight and valleys to cross, trials to endure, storms to be weathered. All you have to do is read the story of Job or just live in the world for any length of time and you'll know this is true. But God uses these seasons of life to mature us, to grow us up, and to make us more like Jesus. But life isn't all bad. There are times and seasons of refreshing and times that God allows us to be by still waters and puts us in green pastures. In our text tonight, we see Abraham taking a much needed rest stop, and although he doesn't realize it yet, his rest is also preparing him for what will be the greatest test of his life, obediently offering his son as a sacrifice, which we will look at in our next lesson in the series.