January 10, 2016

Slaves to Righteousness

Passage: Romans 6:15-23
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In our passage today, the apostle Paul uses the issue of slavery to illustrate how sometimes people are in bondage to sin and Christians need to be in servitude to God. When we think of slavery, we usually think of antebellum slavery in the South, which is offensive in our modern minds. But Paul was writing about slavery in a different context. Are you surprised to know there are slaves in this very room today? The only difference is in the master whom we serve. Paul said we used to be slaves to sin; now, we are slaves to the Lord Jesus Christ.  The truth is we will continue to be slaves for all of our lives, but we have a choice whom we will serve. So, this morning, I want you to be able to see clearly which master you are serving and to have the opportunity to change masters today if you're serving the wrong one.