February 18, 2018

Jesus and the Subject of Divorce

Passage: Mark 10:1-12
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As we preach through the books of the bible, one of the great blessings is sooner or later we preach on every subject. We are forced to face subjects such as the one today.  We live in a society today in which most of us have faced divorce. I approach a subject like this with fear and trembling, because I know that most of us in this room today probably have very strong opinions on divorce. My duty as a man of God is to preach what the Bible says about this issue in as clear a manner as I can. The truth is, when we approach a subject like this, there are always two tendencies:  either people try to lower God's standards so no one gets hurt, or they take a very strong spiritual stance on the issue and go beyond what the Bible says. However, please understand that no human standard will ever be better than than what the Bible says. I'm quite sure I will not answer all your questions, nor will I please everyone who hears me. But that is not my goal. I live for an audience of one and that is Jesus Christ. My goal is to be true to the Word of God without fear or favor, because some of what I say today may be very controversial.

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