The Man Who Hated Jesus

October 22, 2014
Bible Text: Philippians 3:7-13; Acts 20:24 | Preacher: Tim Helton - Missionary to Peru The greatest missionary ever was the apostle Paul, but before he was named Paul, his name was Saul, and he had some major issues. He hated Jesus Christ. He hated men, women, and children who named the name of Christ, and Scripture says he would have them thrown into prison or killed. That’s how much hate he had. But we know, as Saul is going down that Damascus Road (Acts 9), there’s no telling how much hate he had in his heart, and then God shows up in a big way. From that point on, Saul is Paul; he’s a different man. There’s not one thing in the world that mattered to Paul – not his possessions, his status, his influence, his power. The only thing that mattered to Paul was his relationship with Jesus Christ and the ministry that God called him to do.