Bible Text: Isaiah 6:1-8 | Preacher: Shannon Mulford In tonight's study we are looking at the context of understanding what is going on in Israel and how Israel made certain demands of God. But God gave the prophet Isaiah a specific vision and commissioned him to speak to the people of Israel even though they would not listen. And for us today, do we pick and choose the parts of God that we like and disregard the parts we don't like? Aren't we actually creating a different God rather than who He really is? The bottom line is that people today are struggling with bending to God's will.

Seeing Is Not Believing

August 9, 2015
Bible Text: John 9:1-41 | Preacher: Shannon Mulford What is the main context of the book of John? It's that Jesus is the Son of God. Jesus, Himself, claimed to be God, so either He was who He said He was or He wasn't. The very first chapter of John sets the whole stream of context for the entire book. Jesus is Truth, Light, Creator, God, and Son of God, and in our text this morning, we look at the miracle of Jesus healing a man blind from birth. The Pharisees painted Jesus as a liar and a lunatic, but He was Lord, and that has never changed. Modern believers see Jesus by faith, but one day faith will give way to sight. There are only two options concerning Jesus Christ: either receive Him by faith or reject Him. Just as the Pharisees did back then, people still profess to see spiritually but they do not believe. Jesus came as the Light of the world to open the eyes of the blind, but He would not do this by force. It was and is a personal choice.
Bible Text: Mark 8:27-38, 9:30-37, 10:32-45 | Preacher: Shannon Mulford The book of Mark declares Jesus' identity as God, and in these three passages, we see a pattern emerge.  Jesus repeatedly tells His disciples that He will die, his death will be intentional, it will be murder, and He will rise from the dead.  But they still do not understand.  And this is true even today.  Who do you say Jesus is?  It's a life-changing question. Have you ever recognized Him as Lord? Are you loyally committed to serving Him?  Are you humbly serving others or serving self?  Do you see others as Jesus does?